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Below is a list of some clients who have worked with Bobileff Motorcar Company


"Gary S. Bobileff is unquestionably the world's leading Lamborghini Miura restorer, with several examples of the seminal sport scar in various stages of restoration at his state-of-the-art restoration facility at any given time." SV #5096."

Joe Sackey
The Miura Bible author, Lamborghini Registry Co-founder
Laguna Nigel, CA

"Gary, your service and knowledge of Ferraris is unparalleled."


CAPT Wally "Skyray" Schirra , United States Navy (Ret.)
Mercury 7, Mercury 8, Gemini 6A, Apollo 7
Rancho Santa Fe, CA


"Gary, I present you with The 2007 Auto Aficionado Award this year for being an advocate + resource."

Larry Crane, Editor
Auto Aficionado Magazine.


In reference to a 1966 275 GTB # 07473. "This superlative 275 GTB received a "100 point" restoration in the USA by Gary Bobileff which was completed only last year....


Article: Brooks Auction # 93
Europe DEC. 1998.


"Gary Bobileff, The Preeminent Lamborghini Specialist....."


Top Speed Magazine


"I have known and done business with Gary Bobileff for over 20 year and I can honestly say there are very few people in this world you can do business with a hand shake and Gary is one of them."


Francis G. Mandarano
Founder MIE Corp, Concorso Italiano in 1986, Car Guy Tour in 1998 
Mercer Island, WA


"Dear Gary, I would like to take the opportunity to express the confidence of our working relationship of 15 years. During that time, I have worked with you representing our dealerships in purchases, as well as handling the inspections of cars we were selling for the buyer. In all circumstances, your knowledge, professionalism and integrity was always well served."


Bob Cann
Founder, Motorcars International/Lamborghini Houston


"Gary and his team did a flawless ground-up restoration on #0517, and delivered the finest Lamborghini 400 GT "Interim" on the planet, on time and within budget. The only shortcuts we took were on the drive to pick up three trophies in Monterey, CA."


Robert Ross
Senior Editor, Robb Report
Malibu, CA

"Gary Bobileff has performed all maintenance and repair on all my Ferrari's for some 28 years as soon as they were out of warranty. All work has always been performed to the highest standards. I let Gary decide what needed to be done. I never had any failure that made the car inoperable while driving my Ferraris to cumulative distance of more than one hundred and twenty thousand miles. I have had the confidence of frequently taking my Ferraris on long trips to remote areas with great driving roads in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado."


Hans Weber
Chairman, United States Senate Sub Comittee on Airline Safety
San Diego, CA


"Some years ago I purchased a 275 GTB/4 cam shortly before the big Ferrari event in Monterey. Unfortunately, the clutch needed replacing or we could not go. Gary quickly rearranged his time, did the replacement, and we had a great time in Monterey. Pat and I are still grateful for accomodating our vacation with the 275.


Chris Current
Ret. United States Navy Submarine Commander.
Silver Springs, MD

"Bobileff Motorcar has taken care of my Testarossa since I came to San Diego in 2002. I have always been well satisfied with the quick diagnostics and the professional service"


William Gang
United States Army 3 Star General
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"I have known Gary now for over 20 years, and have always had top notch service, sales and advice anytime. The Best and Thanks"


Gary Seale
Co-Founder Lamborghini Houston & General Manager 
Houston, TX

"Gary is the person who immediately comes to mind when I'm asked to suggest and expert to inspect or maintain classic Lamborghinis in the USA, or preparing one for Pebble Beach. His works speaks for itself."


Simon Kidston
Kidston SA 
Geneva, Switzerland

"Gary, Thank you so much for your detailed analysis of the LP400. It was truly a professional piece of work and I respect that."


Richard Solomon
Solomon Artists Representatives
New York City, NY

"Gary thank you for your friendship and you have been so kind."


Jacques Swaters
Former Ferrari Formula 1 Driver, Ferrari Benilux Importer. 

"Gary Bobileff of Bobileff Motorcar has been my restoration shop for approximately 25 years. Gary has restored many of my Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Every car restored by Gary has received national acclaim, published coverage, and First in Class and in Show, not only at the Ferrari Club of America yearly meets but many other nationally recognized shows such as [Amellia Island, Palos Verdes]. Each time I have sold a car restored by Bobileff Motorcar the sale price was either a world record or very close to a world record price."


Lawrence T. Simon
The Simon Car Collection LLC / LTS Builders CEO
East Stroudsburg, PA


"Gary S. Bobileff is unquestionably the world's leading Lamborghini Miura restorer, with several examples of the seminal sportscar in various stages of restoration at his state-of-the-art restoration facility at any given time." SV #5096.


Joe Sackey
The Miura Bible author, Lamborghini Registry Co-founder
Laguna Nigel, CA

"Gary, we have developed a very high degree of respect, trust and friendship working with you on a number of my cars. You took my Miura Roadster # 3498 from start to award winning ramp at Pebble Beach, so the skills and standards of you and your team are international class. But beyond that, you operate with passion, integrity competence and honor that is truley admirable. You are also a great guy and incredibly easy and accessible to deal with on a daily basis. I would off my highest possible recommendation and can't wait to start another project together."


Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon Holdings
New York City, NY

"Miura SV #5064 has since undergone a comprehensive cost-no-object restoration by world-renowned Miura specialists Bobileff Motorcars Inc. of Southern California.There is little doubt that this special SV is the most comprehensive restored one of the recent times."


European Car Magazine


"I am on my fourth restoration with Gary. In putting together a complete vintage Lamborghini collection, Gary Bobileff's knowledge and talent on the marque has been essential. In addition to his restorations skills which are world renowned, he has contacts worldwide that are essential to a succesful project. I think it's rarely disputed that when it comes to restorations, Gary Bobileff is the leading vintage Lamborghini expert in the world."


John Houghtaling
Co-founder French Quarter Classic.
Metarie, LA

"Gary, We have known each other for many years, sharing out interest in classic sports and racing cars. I have judged along side of you at several Concours d' Elegance and had the privilege of having you on the judging panel for the Los Angeles Concours d' Elegance. I personally feel you have the highest ethical standards and are extremely knowledgable. When I have questions about particular car issues I have felt you were and outstanding source of information. Your reputation in the concours and restoration field is one of excellence and of the highest quality. I have had as you know over 40 years experience as a Concours d' Elegance Judge, vintage sports car racer and private restorer."


Jerry F. Rosenstock
Chief Judge L.A. Concours
Los Angeles, CA

"Dear Gary, Thank you very much for all your time, guidance and expertise in helping me obtain the best available Ferrari 365 GT4/BB on the market. In addition, you worked on my behalf to negotiated a fair market price so I didn't over pay for this automobile. What I am most impressed with is your honesty and integrity that I have personally expericened over the past 8 years. Thank you again for all of your help and guidance."


Dr. Avery Alexander
Alexander Eye Institute
Appleton, WI


"Gary, You were chosen to judge Ferrari's as a result of your knowledge and experience, as well as your ability to interface with the entrants in a fair and friendly manner"


Ed Gilbertson
Chief Judge Ferrari Club of America
San Francisco, CA

"You are the best company for classic cars especially for Lamborghini Miura!! and our customer's are very satisfied with your products that even they were not able to locate those products in the world for a long time..."


Rio Takahashi


"Gary, we want to thank you for personally joining us, and for helping to make our recent Cavallino Classic a success. An event of this caliber takes a strong commitment of both time and energy."


John & Alicia Barnes
Cavallino Magazine, Palm Beach Cavallino Classic. 
Boca Raton, FL

Gary, we cannot thank you enough for hosting our group, for the personal tour and most of all your friendship.


Bruce Meyer
Chairman of The Peterson Automobile Museum. 
Beverly Hills, CA

"I own a 1969 Miura S Chassis # 3919. The car is featured on the restoration page of the Bobileff website. Although it had not run in many years and was in very rough shape, the end result was fantastic. The Miura was restored with a beautiful level of finish and great attention to originality. Gary and Carlo have been informative and helpful throughout the restoration and since delivery of the car. My compliments on a job well done!"


Howard Harris
Chicago, IL

"I both bought and sold my Miura through Gary. Both experiences were exemplary; he really is the go to guy in the US for all things Miura!"


Dan W.
Boston, MA

"Gary, regarding the car that you were finding for me.. it is clear you are the go to guy!"


Buddy Cox
Houston, TX

"To whom it may concern: As a buyer / owner of classic Ferrari's I have been a customer of Gary Bobileff for 25+ years as such I always have Gary pre-inspect every Ferrari I ever consider purchasing and Gary has the highest level, it is Gary's honesty that I respect above all else.I recall an incident where Gary thought a certain repair was needed on one of my cars but after tearing into the engine he discovered a different source to the problem. Instead of billing me for all the hours spent, which he could easily have done, Gary pointed out his error to me and did not charge me for that portion of the work. Gary has me as a loyal customer for as long as he is in business which I expect to be a very long time."


Harold Elkan
Del Mar, CA

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