Mr Bobileff established Bobileff Motorcar Company of San Diego in 1979.

He was then and is now the President, he runs the day-to-day operation of the business, acts as General Manager and Head mechanic as well as continues to provide mechanical service to his clients vehicles and direction to the Mechanical Technical staff at Bobileff Motorcar company. 

At Bobileff Motorcar Company, Mr Bobileff manages complete upholstery and body as well as paint restoration and repair on site, additionally he sells used Ferrari's, Lamborghini's,  and Maserati's.

In his area of expertise, his success has been quantified in 1st place Awards for complete (including mechanical) restoration from ground up at the world renowned Pebble Beach Classic Concours and dozens of other concours around the United States as well as around the world.

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"In fact, over 400 Ferrari's and Lamborghini's from all over the United States and the world were brought to, serviced, restored and maintained at Bobileff Motorcar Company annually" 


Meet the Business Owner 

Gary Bobileff. Owner of Bobileff Motorcar Co, since 1979 , can accomodate your service needs from a simple oil change to a complete mechanical overhaul and restoration. 

Gary also travels globally to do mechanical and pre-purchase inspections on Ferrari, Lamborghini and other select Italian cars . Gary has developed a 6 page form ,which covers all phases of the inspection, including exterior coachwork,motor mechanical, suspension, chassis, prior accident damage , and a road test with an opinion at the end .Gary can also advise you on the value of the contemplated purchase, this service can also be performed in house. so you know what your buying, before you buy it!

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