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Learn about us and the the services we have been providing since 1979!

Bobileff Motorcar Company was established in San Diego in 1979 by Gary Bobileff. 

Gary and his team  sell, service and restore Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati cars.  This includes the “old timers” from the 1950’s through the most current of models that have just gotten off warranty.

Factory test equipment is utilized in many of the repair operations on the newer cars. 


We are qualified to do everything from repairing and painting a door ding, to making a full body section out of aluminum. 

Our restoration department and body shop  has won dozens of 1st place awards for  impeccable restorations world wide. You will find us passionate, knowledgeable, and  friendly !

Our body shop is a  “CAQ”  facility, only one of 2 in San Diego. CAQ means it is  Certified, Authorized and Qualified, as rated by  the Siemans  International Insurance rating system. 

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