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engine service

 Restoration and maintenance:

At Bobileff Motorcar Company, we have been restoring and  maintaining   Ferrari’s, Lamborghini and Maserati cars   since 1979. 


From a simple oil change, annual services,  to a complex motor overhaul, or a complete “ ground up restoration”  Bobileff Motorcar is a world  renowned and respected leader in this area.


Typically, Bobileff Motorcar Company services  over 400 cars a year, that’s over 16,000 cars since the doors were opened ! When you tour the facility, it is not uncommon to see license plates from all around the USA, but also Latin and Central America, as well as Europe and the far east.

 We are known for our quality service and restoration  at reasonable, less that new car dealer prices, and that’s  what keeps  us so busy. 

Our restorations include complete chassis reconstruction, rust repair, body fabrication, complete leather and interior  work, and paint work that is considered to be by many one of the finest  paint facilities anywhere.

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